6 November 2011

Adoption Timeline

We have often been asked about just how long the process can take (and of course it is in the news at the moment). In fact even though we have just completed the 3 days training there seems to be an expectation that we will sorted in no time... Not so easy i'm afraid.

So this more or less is our Adoption Timeline based on what has actually happened, what we know will happen or (at the end) what we expect/hope to happen...

Mar/April | Final IVF attempt failed so decided Adoption is for us
May | Gathered information about agencies
June | Went to Adoption information evening
July |
August | Preliminary meeting with care worker
September |
October | Invited to Apply to be Adopters + Application Accepted
November | 3 days Adoption Training Meetings with Workers
December | Meetings with Workers
January | Meetings with Workers
February | Day 4 of Adoption Training Meetings with Workers
March | Meetings with Workers
April |--------------------------------------------------------
May | Sometime during April-August 2012 expect to go in front
June | of Adoption Panel to be recommended to become Adopters.
July | Once confirmed the child matching process will begin.
August |--------------------------------------------------------

After the matching process has started then it will take as long as it has to to find the correct match - this can be anywhere from a few months to over a year.